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Chapter History:

The Gamma Tau chapter holds deep roots at Sam Houston State University. As one of the first four fraternity's on campus the Gamma Tau chapter has helped define Greek life as we know it at Sam Houston. It all started outside of Jackson Shaver Hall in the back of a pick up truck in the 1950's. A group of young men fresh out of military service were looking for camaraderie, friendship and brotherhood like they had experienced serving our country. The existing social groups at Sam did not offer them what they longed for so they formed their own group, The Ravens. The Raven's enjoyed a tight brotherhood and friendship during those years and in the late 1950's Sam forced the social clubs to find a Greek letter. After searching around at all the fraternal organizations, it was settled that the Kappa Alpha Order was right for them. The wheels were set in motion and on March 5th 1960 the Ravens were initiated into the Kappa Alpha Order. Since that day the Gamma Tau chapter has helped shape Greek life at SHSU as well as Texas. The Gamma Tau chapter help colonize the Delta Kappa chapter at Stephen F. Austin University. In the years since 1960 the Gamma Tau chapter has produced doctors, lawyers, athletes and many other fine men all leaders in their profession. The Gamma Tau alumni base is over 750 brothers strong in 46 states and 3 countries. Today the Gamma Tau chapter builds on the strong foundation laid by its founders and strives to be the example for Greek life. Through many philanthropic projects the Gamma Tau chapter donates thousands of dollars each year to charity's and logs over 750 hours of community service. The importance on service is equal to the importance of grades, we pride ourselves as having the highest GPA amongst fraternities.